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Bankruptcy, Probate & Successions Attorney in Shreveport, Louisiana

Legal matters, like filing for bankruptcy or applying for expungement of a previous conviction, are challenging and emotionally draining. If you have decided to begin the process, but don't have any idea where to begin — that's where Attorney Angela Smith comes in. Her skills and experience can help you navigate the legal process efficiently and with confidence that you're working in your best interests every step of the way.

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Attorney Angela Smith

Angela Smith

Attorney at Law

Clients since 2001 have labeled Angela as attentive, comforting, helpful, and communicative. These are all traits that a successful attorney must possess, especially within the areas she practices, which include bankruptcy and record expungements. To pursue positive results, Angela knows that building a genuine relationship and regularly communicating with her clients is key. When you hire her to be your representative of the law, you know that she will be giving the most honest representation possible. Angela takes the time to get to know you as a person, and the situation you're in that caused you to seek legal assistance. After graduating from Louisiana Tech University, Angela was a practicing accountant for five years, so she is also well-versed in both corporate and personal finance.


Experience You Can Rely On

Knowledgeable in Finance

Her years of experience practicing in bankruptcy law, coupled with her background in accounting, makes Angela a knowledgeable resource for your finances. She can confidently guide you in the direction of putting you back on solid financial footing. Don't let an outrageous amount of debt convince you that you don't have options. Angela will analyze your case and discuss your options in detail.

Helping Others Since 2001

It's in Angela's blood to help others. She's passionate about helping those facing bankruptcy, recovering from an accident, attempting to clean their record, and dealing with the process of probate. Angela takes the time to make sure she has given you the appropriate representation, advice, and guidance given your unique situation. Though she only practices a few areas of law, she's extremely knowledgeable in each of them.


Legal Guidance for When You Need it the Most

It's likely that tackling legal matters, let alone seeking help from an attorney at all, is not the first thing on your to-do list. No one wants to file for bankruptcy. However, working with a lawyer to help settle your debts efficiently and accurately may be exactly what you need for relief. Attorney Angela Smith has worked within the finance field since 1993. She first worked as an accountant until 2001, and since then as a bankruptcy lawyer serving the Shreveport, Louisiana, area.

Filing for bankruptcy can feel intimidating and embarrassing, but Angela wants you to know that it can be financially empowering and can also give you a sense of freedom for you and your family. Finally deciding to file is the most difficult step, and she will be there to help you through the rest of the process and lead you in a forward-thinking direction.

Similarly, expungements for criminal convictions are sometimes tedious processes but are well worth the reward in the end. If you've been convicted of a crime but wish to have it wiped from your record, Angela can help you seek a favorable outcome. Whether you're applying for school, wanting to widen your job opportunities, applying for housing, or simply wanting the information out of the public's reach, she can assist you from beginning to end. Let her know how she can help you take the next step toward a cleaner slate.

In addition to bankruptcy and expungement law, Angela has helped people who have been injured in car accidents and also those who need representation through the probate process. Her clients come from all around the Shreveport, Louisiana, area, from Mansfield to Minden. Contact the Law Office of Angela Smith today to schedule a free consultation.